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EAA LIBRARY ARCHIVES – Worthington Collection

In 1976, the EAA Library received a collection of glass plate negatives from W. L. Worthington. The photographs were taken by an unknow photographer for a prominent Packard dealer in Los Angeles. The images are meant to show off the automobiles to their best advantage and therefore aircraft were included to portray cutting-edge technology. There are more than 100 images in the collection, not all deal with automobile advertising.

The images have been cataloged and contact prints made. An interesting series of articles about the collection appeared in the VINTAGE AIRPLANE magazine in 1998.

Examples from the collection are shown below.

Ford 4-AT-B (W-022)

Buhl CA-3D/E (W-027)

Lockheed Vega 5 (W-039)

Lockheed Vega 5 (W-040)

Goodyear Blimp (W-062)

Travel Air 4000 (W-075

Ford 4-AT-B (W-024)

Ford 4-AT-B (W-025)

Travel Air 4000 (W-052)

Amelia Earhart (W-083)

Charles Lindberg (W-083)

Amelia Earhart (W-088)

Charles Lindberg (W-086)

Travel Air Transfer (W-116)

O.C. LeBoutillier, Buhl Bull Pup (W-125)

These photos and many others can be purchased from the EAA Library by calling 920.426.4848 or email slurvey@eaa.org.

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